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Pug Snuggly®
      By YOGI


As seen on Evening Magazine and in Pug Talk Magazine

Finally, a coat that fits us Pugs!

So soft, warm and comfortable. It's even machine washable. The Patented Design gives us a snug fit, which allows us to run and play comfortably. Great to sleep in on those cold chilly nights on the couch. The Pug Snuggly® By YOGI even has a special spot for our little curly tails!

You won't be able to own just one!

I LOVE my Pug Snuggly® By YOGI — and you will too!

The Pug Snuggly is gender friendly and looks great on both fawns and blacks.

The trademark label on each coat will assure you that this is an original Pug Snuggly® By YOGI.

Pug Snuggly®
By Yogi
Invented, designed and handmade in the U.S.A.

Pugdog breedsresource

Be Safe ~ Be Seen
The Original SAFETY PAW

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